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Default Re: "I got dust in my eye"... TDK Trilogy scenes that made you cry


Alfred saying
"I never wanted you to come back to Gotham, I always knew there was nothing for you here, but pain.. and tragedy"

and then the crack in his voice, and tears in his eyes when he says

"and I wanted something more for you.... than that.."

thence walks away, and looks back tearfully with

"I still do."

this, in may ways seemed similar to the Scene in Begins where he says

"I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do with your past Sir, just know that there are those of us.. who care about what you do with your future..."

Bruce: haven't given up on me yet?


I don't even have to say much about the Alfred leaving scene...

Alfred: "I know what this means"
Bruce: What does this mean?
Alfred: "Your hatred.... etc etc...but it might mean... saving your life"

wow.. something about the way bruce tip toes up the stairs quietly... very powerful.

Of course the "I've failed you" scene again...

I remember reading somewhere /or maybe it was the 13 minute featurette, where Nolan said they knew the "Alfred leaving scene" was going to be a hugely emotional scene, but none was prepared for the performance Michael Caine brought to that scene.

supposedly just about everyone was wiping away tears at that point.

Bruce "Rising" from the prison.

Don't know why, I still feel this is related to the title,but the courage he showed, and the pause at the platform, and the bats, and the calm, "I'm ready for this, and I accept the results" face he had on before he made the jump, coupled with the old doctor joining in the cheers, the "belief" of the prisoners, and their joy when he made the jump...

this was almost too much for me.
with multiple viewings... I still am moved each time I see him climbing out and the camera pans to the beautiful cinematography...

incredible.. that does it for me.

even the "He needs you... He needs the batman..." speech from JGL...
the look of despair and turmoil on Bruce's face while JGL shares his story....

"everyone understands...."


The final montage gets me as well, when they're playing "Rise"
and we see Batman pause before we see the 5 second timer

[did anyone note that the bomb is actually smoking a little bit when Batman flies it out over the bay?]

I feel he's contemplating going out with the bomb, but obviously he chooses to live]

but the montage, JGL's face says it all, we see everyone rejoicing because the explosion was far enough [presumably] not to vaporize gotham, but on JGL's face it's bittersweet..

it's like... where's my friend? where's Batman?
I know everyone's happy, but I just lost someone...

[almost like a the end of TDK when Two Face says, why was I the only one who lost everything]

the montage, with The Grave Scene, the way Fox taps Alfred on the shoulder, the way Gordon reads the Eulogy, The way Fox says... I just want to know what I could have done... even he has tears in his eyes...[didn't notice this right away]

but for some reason, when Alfred is drinking his "Ferny BRANKAH" lol.
and sees Bruce, cut to Bruce acknowledging him, they hold their gaze just long enough to tug at your heart,

and all I could think of was the Gordon's speech at Wayne Manor [fabulous speech by the Mayor by the way] when he said

"...maybe for now, all I should say about the death of Harvey Dent is this.... it has not been for nothing."

Cut to Bruce in blue hinge on top of a building lurking in the dark.

yeah.... first few times I had to hide my tears a little...
but the scene that gets me every time [even after the 11th viewing] is Alfred's shaky "I wanted something more for you than that....I still do"

might ave to watch this again, it's been a few weeks, but the only scene I can remember was again, Bruce and Alfred after Rachel's death....

the blue tinged scene where Alfred hides Rachel's letter...

Bruce: ... and I let that murdering psychopath blow him half to hell"
Alfred: ..Which is why for now, they're going to have to make do with you"


This one's easy...
the scene I always have on repeat is chapter 5 on the Blu-Ray
where Alfred walks in on a grieving Bruce who's just waved to Rachel from the window after the funeral

Alfred: "I thought I might prepare a little SUPPAAAHHHH"
Bruce keeps staring out the window
Alfred turns to leave
Alfred:Very well
Bruce: Alfred
Alfred turns back
Alfred:Yes Master Bruce?
Bruce: It was my fault Alfred, I made them leave the theatre, If I hadn't gotten scared
Alfred: Oh nooo no no. It was nothing that you did. It was him, and him alone..
Alfred: Do you understand?
Bruce: I miss them Alfred...I miss them so much
Alfred:So do I master Bruce, So do I.

.. forgot to add.....

"Things are worse than EVURRRRR"

the shot where bruce is crying over the his dead parents just after they've been shot is heartbreaking...
and of course in TDKR when Bruce says his "A hero can be anyone" speech...

makes you wonder whether part of the reason he's got such a soft spot for Gordon and helped him through the years is because of the kindness he showed him the night his parents got murdered.

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