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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Donnie Darko View Post

Not every Marvel movie needs to feed into Avengers. I would like Marvel to get Daredevil back and have him exist in their world, but I don't want him as an Avenger. Same with Dr Strange.
Agreed. But I do want all MCU films to feed into an Infinity Gauntlet movie. The story is too far-reaching and epic to be limited to an Avengers movie starring six heroes. It's crazy ambitious, but I believe they can pull it off. Just make it 3+ hours long. =D

Originally Posted by Donnie Darko View Post
I would, however, like to see a Luke Cage film where his is on his own, and maybe joins the Avengers later on. He is the one Bendis Avenger that I think would work well getting thrown in with the movie team.
Well, I'd want to see a Luke Cage story either as a solo movie leading up to or within a Heroes for Hire movie.

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