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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

No, just teary eyed a few times, basically in Alfred's two big moments. When Bruce asks how Alfred thinks they're going to part, with a handshake in a mocking tone, when Alfred responds...oh man, I was close.

In the first fight between Bane and Batman, I didn't get emotional, just shocked and I HATED Bane for what he was doing.

Bruce's last words to Gordon gave me a small lump in my throat.

Bruce climbing the pit was just a hell yeah moment for me.....when the bats come flying out, I felt like jumping out of my seat and fisting the air.

But no outright bawling, it's funny because I know he was banned, but I agreed with what the guy said about The Green Mile and Gladiator making him cry. These films lingered in their emotional scenes, prolonging the punishment so to speak. If I had one complaint about TDKR, is that it didn't do this.

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