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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

months before the release, I told my gf: "baby, if you see me cry at TDKR, please don't laugh" haha, she was warned. the scenes that made me emotional or had some impact, either sadness or happiness but no tears:

- the Gordon speech, the way he says "the truth...the truth..." and you see flashbacks of Two-Face, man that was awesome, and makes me root for this guy who wants to tell the truth and be released from his burden.
- Batman vs the police. that scene is one of my favorite in all the trilogy, starting with him riding in the darkness.
- when Alfred tells Bruce about the letter and saying good bye.
- Bane vs Batman round 1. poor Bats. Bane's speech is great, also many people (myself included) were shocked of Bane getting all Batman's weapons when he blasted the ceiling.
- Bane speech in Black gate's Prison. man, that scene is awesome.
- Gordon speech to Blake, telling him why he did what he did.
- Bruce watching the TV while he's in bed. that scene is sad.
- Bruce out of the pit. that scene didn't strike me the first time, even not the second one. but after the third watch I felt inspired by it.
- Batman's return and the fire Bat-signal. this like the one before didn't strike me until second viewing, but I clearly remember a woman yelling when Batman appeared in my first viewing hahahaha.
- Batman vs Bane round 2.

Ok. now, the tears begun when Gordon voice over started. I mean, there are plenty of awesome scenes in this ending, that you progressively begin to lose it hahaha. by the time it finish, I was full on miss America. I remember my gf turning to me when the lights went on and said "you are crying!" and I was like "I told ya".

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