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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Joeyjojo72 View Post
If (a big if) the various tv and film projects are successful, its sort of inevitable that there will be a big cross-over project. But that's pretty far down the road, post-TA3.
When you're in movies and television, you learn to strike when the iron is hot. Something that's a hot property now is *not* guaranteed to still be hot five years from now, or even two or three. In fact, it's highly likely that your hot property will be yesterday's news within a year or so.

Besides, if the MCU expands into television, as seems to be the case, I say why not do an actual crossover in the vein of the comic books? If it's a Thanos story arc, for instance, you could have episodes of the Hulk TV show that feature bits of that, and episodes of the Joss Whedon-produced TV show that do the same, as well as referential cameos in various solo MCU films, culminating in a TA2 that answers lots of mysteries that were teased in each of the previously mentioned.

Not, mind you, to the point that general audiences would need to keep up with ALL of that; just items that us ravenous diehard fanboys would know about or care about.


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