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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

So, let's see.. I see Whedon staying away from Blade because of the inevitable Buffy/Angel comparison...then again, it could be a compelling challenge to explore vampire/monster hunting from a totally-different, largely un-romantic protagonist's POV.. Punisher would be a challenge beyond belief to keep it PG-14 for TV but could still be fun if they took cues from the original Ennis run.. Gnucci family, etc.
Runaways would seem to be in his wheelhouse, though a TV run (mostly) sacrifices any notions of a movie franchise.. okay there was the x-files movie, but...
Power Pack starts off with kids much younger than the Buffy gang. not sure if he's ultra-interested in the concept.. but a TV version [provided they cast age-appropriate] means that their ages wouldn't (naturally) jump drastically between films..
Cloak and Dagger doesn't have as many core characters compared to Runaways (how many of them are there, 6?), and doesn't have a deep-well of core villains, so there's plenty of room to develop new adversaries (which could have the Harley Quinn effect of appearing in comics..) A drawback could be retread comparisons to the Buffy & Angel relationship (plucky, teen blonde teams up with morose, vampiric good guy)..

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