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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
If WB wants to play ball, I say bring it. Can you imagine if a Justice League movie, the Fantastic Four reboot, and the Avengers sequel came out on the same weekend?
They're not going to do that, because they'll cut into one another's earnings. They'd rather go earlier or later than the competition, not directly against it. See how May 2007 fared, with three 'threequels' facing off against one another? If they were more evenly spaced out, they'd make a lot more money.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Because, as Chewy said, Avengers didn't make 1.5 billion in July; they made it in May.

And because Joss' contract is up at the end of June 2015. You want to release *his* movie a month later, when he's no longer contractually obligated to promote it....?
The thing is, some studios would rather have a movie completed early -- as opposed to getting it down to the wire. That way, they have time to build buzz and critical word-of-mouth before unleashing it.

Besides, when Lionsgate released Cabin in the Woods this past April, Whedon went and did press promotions for it. He was no longer contractually obligated to do it (since it was finished 2 years ago), and yet he did it. We don't know the details of his exclusive contract, but I'm pretty sure he's contractually obligated to promote TA2 no matter what.

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