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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by MaximilianKrell View Post
2. Attractive - I agree that Hugh Jackman bears some basic resemblance to Wolverine as drawn in the comics, but he's an idealised 'Hollywood' version. I felt the same way when they cast Thomas Jane as the Punisher. He didn't have a hard enough face to sell the harsh, brutal and traumatic life he had lived.

Thomas Jane and Hugh Jackman are pretty boys trying to pass themselves off as the grisled, battle-damaged veterans that Wolverine and the Punisher are by working out in the gym a bit, growing some facial hair and frowning a lot. I actually felt Ray Stevenson was an example of decent casting as Frank Castle in the remake and the "R-Rating" was perfect too (shame about the film overall!).
Funnily enough Jane was going to be cast as Wolverine in X-Men, Singer wanted him for the role, the executives wanted a screen test, but scheduling and all that, and Jane passed to do a movie with Morgan Freeman.

But I honestly don't think Jane was a pretty boy, to me had more of an old school quality like Steve McQueen.

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