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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
Now obviously I don't know what it would be like, but if this did end up happening, I would be totally disappointed. I like fully evil Loki. He is a screwed up, unstable being with an enormous ego and no empathy. He has already tried to destroy one planet and force another into subjugation, after getting in deep with some space gangs. I wouldn't want to see that guy all of a sudden turn good after everything he has done, it would seem (to me) out of character, based solely on what has happened in Thor and The Avengers. If anything I think he would be bitter than he lost and only drive him to do something on a larger scale.
What do you mean you don't know what it would be like? We haven't had a "fully evil Loki" in the films yet. He's a conflicted, nuanced character, which is a big part of his appeal. In Thor, his plan is basically to save Asgard, be regarded as a hero, and earn his father's love. But because Loki is Loki, his plan for doing that revolves around mischief, deceit and trickery. You should always be questioning what Loki's motives and intentions are. The second he's just plainly bad with no innkling of doubt, THAT would be when he veers out of character.

Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
I especially loved Whedon's take on Loki, who he wrote as a purposefully over-the-top evil, theatrical villain. I felt like it was kind of an homage to old school villains who were very theatrical in how evil they were. This is the guy who snickered at the sight of much more exaggerated evil can you get, lol? I thought it was awesome. This character doesn't have any moral ambiguity. He is evil, and I like it that way.
I think you need to watch that scene again. When Loki says "Sentiment", a single tear rolls down his cheek. Huddleston played that as Loki genuinely torn over whether or not to accept Thor's offer of reconciliation, before deciding there's no way back for him. Yes, Loki's actions are more overtly evil in The Avengers than in Thor, but his best scenes remain his interactions with Thor, where we get just a hint that he might not be beyond saving.

Originally Posted by JustSomeGuy View Post
If he does do something indicating he has had a change of heart, I only hope it is part of a larger villainous plan in which he is just doing it to trick Thor, or Odin or whomever.
I'd be inclined to respect the reverse, where for much of the film it seems like he might be in league with Maleketh, only for a third-act betrayal revealing he has sided with Thor and Odin.

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