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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

As I said, Loki did horrible, evil things I'm The Avengers, no doubt, and had a good time doing many of them. But Thor said it best when he said that Loki is lost in a cloud of madness, but deep down, he's still his brother, and he wasn't always evil.

And no, I'm not wrong. I'm not talking about a personal interpretation of the scene, I'm talking about objective fact. After stabbing Thor, tears are rolling down his cheeks as he says, "Sentiment.". I saw the film in cinemas 3 times, and noticed it each time. The people I went to see the film with on each occasion all remarked on it. People on these forums have commented on it as a standout Loki moment. It shows there is some level of sadness and regret about his actions, unless you want to argue that he's so happy about being bad that he's crying tears of joy.

Loki is a villain, no doubt. But to suggest he is just pure evil with no hints whatsoever of moral conflict in these films is laughable.

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