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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

I'm a very emotional person, so I cry during beautiful moments in film all the time. I just sink into the characters and their feelings and what's going on, so I fully expected to cry during this film; especially as Nolan has such a talent for condensing pure emotion into his films.

So for me, it starts as you realize what Batman's going to do. The instant he replies "No autopilot.", I start crying. And for basically the rest of the film I'm a quivering, shaking, crying mass of human being as I'm just being pounded by all of these bittersweet or beautiful or sad moments.
Especially the first time, as I didn't know how the ending would actually play out, and I was convinced Bruce really was going to die, the credits are rolling and I'm just sitting there, shaking.

P.S. And I too was very struck and appreciative of the bond between Talia and Bane, and the fact that all of this is basically for her. He could go anywhere, be anything, do anything, but he chose to help her in her quest for vengeance and he does all of these things for her. It was very beautiful when she says goodbye to him and he's crying. Bane was such a deep character, possessing both amazing strength and will, but also complex emotions and thought.

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