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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

Originally Posted by Capt.America518 View Post
As much as MODOK may be neglected upon and despised upon coming to a movie screen, he may be the most logical choice to be pulling the strings of Winter Solider seeing as there are huge rumors of AIM being in the Ironman 3 movie.... I would prefer to see Zemo pulling the strings personally, but MODOK to me seems more likely.... Also Lukin is boring, I dont want to see him at all.... And as for Red skull, I think it would be cooler to see him appear as an end credit scene re-introducing him for Cap 3!
There could still be a separate Hydra and AIM thing going on though, so that both Zemo and or Strucker could be present, and AIM could also exists under whoever they choose.

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