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Default Re: Thor + Sif = a couple?

I think it should be done... Thor is most likely going to bring Jane to Asgard... So basically seeing that Thor is a "god" living like a king in a paradise will be kinda overwhelming for anybody!

Jane did come across as such a fragile meek cute girl... So I'm sure she will be intimidated by her surroundings as well as Sif. Even if they don't mention Thor and Sif having a past, Jane maybe should point out to Thor how he and Sif have a good chemistry. And then let it go from there...

They don't have to do a all out romance, just plant the seeds in this film... Maybe end the film with Him and Jane splitting...

I still think Enchantress should be in the film, she could really put pressure on the relationship, especially if Amora and Thor have a past together!

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