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in TDKR it would have been much easier if Batman had a gun... pull it out, shoot the **** out of Bane and you're done. Movie over, no one else needs to die.

Before the bomb became active... when CAtwoman and Batman (who's far far to trusting in this film) are fighting together on the roof top and then they get away in the batwing and Bane watches on. Batman should have just shot the **** out of the roof and killed all those loser sods and the movie's over. Finished. No activated bomb, no nothing, Miranda is still screwed and her plan fails. and Bruce would have eventually found out anyways about her.

The not killing rule is some moral high ground fine but think of how much easier his job would have been as a result. Movie would have been over in 40 mins and Batman wins.

This is why in some ways I really like the Punisher despite two horrific films.

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