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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

You can't hinge the entire MCU on "fallout from the Avengers," though. Yeah, Item 47 is interesting, but I'd hate like hell to see the TV show devolve into salvaging stray Chitauri leftovers from the invasion.

It's not rocket science, people: average audiences hear that there's a TV show from Marvel about Marvel set in the Marvel universe, so whaddya think they're going to want to see? You get three guesses, and if "superheroes" and "supervillains" don't constitute your first two answers, then you're already wrong.

Nobody gives a rat's ass about the mundanes. The show needs to be about supers. Period.
I agree with that. The show needs to have superheroes versus supervillians on some scale. That's why HfH works so well, they can do all those things. They can deal with the mystery-of-the-week, they can deal with the criminal underground, they can square off against lower-level supervillians, and they can help deal with the ramifications of The Avengers. All while trying to make a living but more times than not, getting no compensation for the help they are providing.

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