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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

What if JFK was a mutant and was assassinated by the CIA who used the Dallas mob and Dallas PD? It sets off a chain reaction that leads to the camps in the future.

Moira MacTaggert works for the CIA, she could discover the reason behind it.


Or one Senator is assassinated by a mutant and this begins the hate that eventually leads to the camps.

A friend of that deceased senator is Senator Robert Kelly's son, Robert Edward Kelly Jr. He hates mutants because they killed and impersonated his father.

In his first term he allowed Larry Trask* (Bolivar's brother) to setup factories in his home district that eventually lead to the creation of Sentinels. Kelly brings jobs to his district, and while he wasn't vocal about his anti-mutant views its not until his friend is killed does he capitalize on the situation. Trask lobbies Congress and Kelly gets approval from the US Government to create the Mutant Registration Act. Eventually Sentinels are created which at first are only used to "police" mutants not kill them.

Trask and Kelly get rich when other countries order Sentinels due to so some incidents involving mutants.

It just snowballs from there, Kelly becomes President and lets the Sentinels hunt mutants, create camps in cities across America and encourages other countries to follow suit.

In the end it turns out Kelly was behind the assassination of his friend and the other incidents around the globe that made mutants look bad.

Wolverine travels in the past to prevent this but is sent too far back, he ends up in the 60s. So he takes the 1960s X-Men and Brotherhood to the future with him to expose and overthrow President Kelly. They team up with Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Iceman, Colossus and Rogue who helps them even being depowered. Storm would've been killed off and would've been a high priority for the Sentinels due to her powers.
The two teams succeed and Charles wipes their memories, or they volunteer to have them wiped, so they don't have to remember the horrors they saw. They travel back to 1960s.

* Bolivar Trask was in X3 as head of Homeland Security and had no hatred for mutants. In the comics Larry is his son. The Trask family could be well off.

It could be a two movie story as well with a nod to Back to the Future where Part 1 is set mainly in the 1960s and they complete their mission and Wolverine leaves. And then they turn around to see Wolverine return and bring them to the future to help because the future did not change.

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