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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

If Marvel do have a TV show, it better be something that can easily cross over into the movies so that characters from the show can actually feature. It would be great to see cameos from people we've come to know over the course of a TV series. But then, they'd need to get at least a few high calbre actors for this show or former movie stars who'll commit to a show, otherwise the crossover will just end up having these small-time TV stars.

CSI has had the likes the Lawrence Fishburne before, while Law & Order Criminal Intent had Vincent D'Onofrio.
Yeah, you'd have to pick the right type of actors for this. Actors who are accustomed to a TV series but could also be called on to make appearances in the movies. Again, another reason I like HfH. Terry Crews would make a good Luke Cage and has experience in both mediums.

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