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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Originally Posted by OB12 View Post
Yeah, you'd have to pick the right type of actors for this. Actors who are accustomed to a TV series but could also be called on to make appearances in the movies. Again, another reason I like HfH. Terry Crews would make a good Luke Cage and has experience in both mediums.
As much as I like some of the actors in the shows I watch like Eureka, Warehouse 13, or even some of these older shows like the various Star Trek ones (and they are mostly good in their roles and make the show), I think for this kind of TV series they'd need bigger names than that.

Those are mostly TV actors, and while I could see one or two of them possibly appearing in a future Avengers-related movie, I don't see someone like say, Colin Ferguson headlining any future Marvel movie. I don't really see that for any former Star Trek actor either.

The only Star Trek actor who has managed something of a crossover is Patrick Stewart, and even then it has mostly been X-Men and a few minor roles here and there in other films (eg Conspiracy Theory).

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