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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Mostpowerful View Post
^Well, Singer said he is still proud of the film, and it got good reviews from a lot of the critics, plenty of people went to see it, so many thought it was a good film.
Any facts to support your "many" statement, or is it just more conjecture on your part?

Yeah, we both know the answer to that....

He's basically just aknowledging that the fans of action wanted more action. I'm a fan of story and characterization first and I loved it.
This is CLASSIC!

See, those of us that see the many, many flaws this film had? We just wanted "action". Nothing more. Because we're brain-dead or something.

But the few people who liked it? THEY are sophisticates who value story and characterization over anything else.

You would think that if they TRULY thought they were "smarter" than us, they would be able to spell correctly, post coherent responses, and back-up their statements with complete facts....

And I'm hardly alone (no matter what dogofkrypton say).
And there are hardly as many "fans" of this film as you seem to think there are.

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