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Default Re: HONEST Answers Only... Did You Cry? (SPOILERS)

My first viewing I was just trying to take it all in. The last 5 minutes of the movie consisted of my jaw hanging from my mouth as I was just numb at this point from the shock of it all. Every viewing though since I tear up at the flashbacks of young Talia trying to escape the pit. Just the idea of a young innocent child in such a hell and how honestly all of these characters (Batman, Bane, Talia) have had such awful things happen to them that truly destroyed any chance of innocence or a normal life.

I saw it last weekend with my mom and seeing it with her was emotional for me. She's the reason I'm a fan at all let alone as big a fan as I am. It meant a lot for her to be their for the finale of the journey with me. I broke down crying when I saw it with her when Batman tells Gordon about being a hero and the quick flashback to that awful night thirty years ago. Now I also tear up when they reveal Black's real name because I was holding my moms hand at this point and when they said it she lightly tugged my hand and I could hear her happily react.

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