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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by bonoferox View Post
Yes there are. People have different tastes. Some fans liked it, some didn't. What's so hard to understand about that?
According to dogofkrypton only 3 or 4 people liked it.. that's why it only sold 4 dvds. haha

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
That's not hard to understand, but the people who like the film seem to be saying it's not flawed. The director admits for a Superman film it is flawed. Yes, he is proud of it and it's not a total piece of garbage. However, for a Superman film it's flawed. This goes back to the question asked in the post...

"What So Bad about Superman Returns?"

The answer is a serioulsy flawed Superman film.
in your opinion. in mine the good outweighs the flaws. and ALL superhero movies have flaws, including STM and mainly Superman 2.

And there are hardly as many "fans" of this film as you seem to think there are.
And there are more 'fans' of this film than you seem to think there are.

I rather watch Sci-Fi
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