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Default Re: Official X-MEN: LEGACY Discussion Thread

I have to say when Carey 1st took this book over and had Rogue's team on it, I really liked it, he really used the other characters even though you knew he loved Rogue. Gage promised so much, look at the characters we had, Rachel and Bobby for example but then suddenly they vanished and Rogue took over. This book has he word Legacy in it who better to focus on than Xavier's other legacy eg his son.

Carey pipped my interest in him as did his appearance in New Mutants. I want to see how this guy fits into the world, he has a mental illness but adding to that stigma he has a X gene which adds another stigma onto him. This is the guy responsible for the AOA, I would love to see him vist the universe he essentially created. Recently his personalities have been caged or murdered, I want to know how that affects him.

Getting to my point Legacy is a good rotating solo book for characters who may or my not get enough pages in the other books.

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