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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by ironman29758 View Post
I don't know guys, for me it took some time but I kind of like seeing the DCNU Superman suit(I don't veiw it as armor but it mostly depends on which artist draws the costume) and the MOS movie suit as much as I do the classic costume or the Smallville Season 11 costume(although the Smallville season 11 costume have been way better in my opinon). Maybe because why changing a few details they kept the main things(Superman s, cape, colors, boots, etc) and the way they explained the costume in Action Comics(as a memento of Krypton from Brainiac's ship and only wearing it for Sci-fi/alien and JL missions while wearing another costume when he is doing his champion of the oppressed thing) made more sense to me. plus I feel it's no different from the superhero costumes Clark wore as the blur before he became Superman.
And that right there is why they killed him your honor

Ok as a Smallville fan....let me tell you right now, anything involved with Smallville.....needs to stay there and no be connected in anyway to the main comics stuff lol.

Oh and the part where you said "I dont view it as armor".....not really a point since thats exactly what it is, its "Kryptonian Battle Armor" many times has it been said by ppl from DC?? And still ppl dont get it

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