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Default Re: When will Avengers 2 come out?

I think GotG needs that release date to be honest, and that is a much more involved project that can use the extra time. The August release is summer tentpole wasteland as far as I'm concerned. Wright has been working on Ant-Man for years and that can surely come out late summer 2014 or in the fall if they act now. GotG is an unknown property that needs the May exposure, and it is largely independent from Avengers 2. Also you wouldn't have the problem of releasing Ant-Man too close to Avengers 2 and risk audiences not getting a chance to see that film and familiarize themselves with the character. I know many people who caught Thor/Cap on DVD or red box because they had a year to see the movie. Releasing Ant-Man too close to an Avengers movie can be problematic because it may come off as a cheesy money grab that leads into the main event a few months later. The solo films need to hold up on their own.

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