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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
But in this instance, the context was box office as a general measure of appeal/popularity - the extent to which a movie has successfully tapped into the cultural zeitgeist (or has failed to do so).
Actually, not it's NOT. You just want to "move the goal posts" because you know my examples were all that mattered.

Let me remind you of YOUR initial statement:

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
It’s clear that Bruce B is speaking about “units sold.” If you want to use another criterion for “success” then you need to state which one you’re applying. Otherwise, you’re talking past each other.
I gave MY "criterion", and you wanted to run back to his when you couldn't counter it.

Sad :/

That's a dubious claim. Some positively loathe Titanic. Does its undeniable popularity mean that those critics are wrong, that they should change their minds? I'm a big fan of Whedon's Serenity - which bombed. But does that mean it "failed" in all respects?
What do those films have to do with Singers abomination? Besides you trying to divert the discussion?

Also irrelevant. If a "unit" takes a week or a year to sell, it's still only one "unit" sold.
Also irrelevant? Where does "also" come from?

And it's only "irrelevant" because, again, you have no leg to stand on. SR having an ADDITIONAL 3 weeks on "THOR" is irrelevant to "units sold"? Seriously?

Man, some people need to preview their posts before they hit submit. Or else they make themselves look foolish...

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