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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

You didn't read what i wrote at all. I said Batman won the second brawl but then after Talia stabbed him, they shouldn't have had Bane stand up and ready to KILL him again... it should have ended with Batman winning, plain and simple... not being under Bane's killing hands again.

After Batman defeats Bane and gets stabbed by Talia, Talia should have betrayed Bane and not screw the hinges on his mask again but actually let Bane die, say something along the lines of "All he did was love me... but I never loved him..." then she turns to bane and says "I'm sorry, but you've fulfilled your purpose..." then actually proceed to unscrew more of the hinges in Bane's mask and leaves Bane for dead as Bane finds he is betrayed by the one he loves.. that would have been a FAR more fitting ending. The horror and anger and hurt in Bane's eyes... he was reduced physically and now emotionally.... as he sees his life drain, a fitting ending for such a terrifying villain...

Then as Talia's switch fails, she leaves and Catwoman emerges and helps Batman get to his feet and to the Bat and then cue big chase

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