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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by GRangerPrimeNYC View Post
After reading all the posts by people back in 2008, I'm amazed by how narrow minded some people are about this issue. Gotham just felt like Chicago in TDK.

Also, the building during the chase scene in TDK was a building in Chicago Wayne Tower's design was based on. Wayne Tower in BB was a radically different building. Just compare them.

Too bad these two features never made a prominent return in TDKR. Gotham in TDKR just looked like New York with more bridges, some Los Angelos skyline, and Pittsburgh.
Heck, even Wayne Enterprises is now in another giant black box and this isn't even the same building as the black box in TDK.
You do realize that TDKR takes place in a different area of the city?

Just search for the official map of the Nolan-universe on the interwebs. Besides, I think that a big company like WE has multiple buildings + 8 years have passed since TDK, so...

The locations in this trilogy came from the UK, Chicago, NY, Pittsburgh & LA, but Gotham is fictional, so those are "Gotham landmarks." Besides, I don't think that the WE tower is meant to a literal copy of the Chicago board of trade. The fight between Bats & Joker in TDK takes place in front of another Gotham building, so to speak.

See the Nokia Gotham 3D map.

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