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Originally Posted by zaner View Post
I called the Dew Gotham City Hot Line (PepsiCo) again today to try to find out more information about the issues we have all been experiencing on the site. The number (800.870.0697) is at the bottom of the FAQ page. I spoke first to Stephanie who knew absolutely nothing about the site. I asked to speak to her manager. Brian came on the line. I discussed each of the issues below and received these responses.

1. I've submitted multiple support issues by completing the form provided through the Contact Us link and have received no response. How can a speak to someone at PrizeLogic ( - They didn't even know who PrizeLogic was.

2. I asked about the BAT SWARM, DEWMASTER and RULE THE STREETS badges. - The response was the company line, "We do not disclose how to unlock the badges." Stephanie said they don't even have a list of the badges and how to unlock them. I asked why no one seems to have found a way the unlock the DEWMASTER and RULE THE STREETS badges (even everyone on the Leaderboard) and can you tell me if anyone has ulocked them. - They said they do not have that information.

3. I asked if their was anything wrong with the site. - They said they were not aware of anything wrong with the site and that no one has reported any issues. I asked about the Mug Shot creator disappearing from the GCPD area. - He didn't know why. I asked about the Rykin site's "Under Construction" message and if there was suppose to be any updates to it. - He didn't know. I asked about the Tumbler Designer module crashing IE. - He didn't know.

I asked how to file a formal complaint about the promotion. He said he couldn't provide an address to send a complaint to but would note my complaint and have someone contact me in 7-10 days. I don't expect a response.

Obviously, like the rest of you, I'm fed up with this promotion and their lack of help. I was having fun but now it has left a bad taste in my mouth (and I will continue to taste it until I finish all the 12 packs of Dew I bought in the last month).


this is exactly why i gave up. this promotion is a complete joke.

oh, and the gcpd photo thing was taken down bc of the movie theater shooting that happened.

this was the worst customer support ive ever gotten hands down.

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