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Default Re: Am i the only one that doesn't like how this is going?

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
I don't see how it's adding a lot of characters at all. Most of who Steve interacted with in the past would be too old or dead by now.

Peggy Carter - Too old or dead
Colonel Phillips - Too old or dead
Howard Stark - Most likely dead(based on Iron Man movies' time-frame)
Dr. Erskine - Dead
Heinz Kruger - Dead
The 5 Howling Commando members:
Tim "Dum Dum" Dugan - Too old, or a Shield agent as in the comics
Gabe Jones - Too old or dead
Jim Morita - Too old or dead
Jacques Denier - Too old or dead
James Falsworth - Too old, dead, or saved to later be used as Union Jack

That's 8-10 characters out. Plenty of room for more.

So far the only new characters are Falcon and Winter Soldier, though the latter was technically in the last movie. Maybe Sharon Carter if the end female Shield Agent(Amanda Righetti) isn't her.

Returning characters?
Captain America
Nick Fury(most likely)

Those added up are 5 characters total.

Possible returning characters if story/script permits:
Red Skull(depending on if he really dissolved by the Cosmic Cube or was transported to another dimension; etc)
Arnim Zola(depending on how much inspiration they take from the comic for the character)

So.....7 characters?

Yeah, you are the only one who doesn't like how this is going.

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