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Default Who deserves the most credit for MCU: Phase One success?

So the title and the poll say it all. Who deserves the most credit for the MCU: Phase One success. Yes this was clearly a team effort, and yes ALL of these people (and others) deserve credit; but I simply want to know who do you think deserves the MOST credit?

1) Kevin Feige- The man with the grand plan for the MCU. Involved in each and every film and responsible for overall continuity.

2) Joss Whedon- He wrote and directed the culminating piece of Phase One and knocked it out of the park.

3) Robert Downey Jr.- Without his charisma and acting talent audiences may have never been drawn into Iron Man and the rest of the MCU.

4) Jon Favreau- His witty charm and sensibilities led to a remarkable Iron Man film that introduced mass audiences to the MCU world.

5) Louis Leterrier- He put the action and the fun back into the Hulk.

6) Kenneth Branagh- Brought a Shakesperian dynamic to a comic book film, but still made it accessible enough for the mass audience. He also successfully brought in cosmic elements to the MCU; and let's not forget he discovered and introduced to the world: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (who went on to become the series' main villain in spectacular fashion).

7) Joe Johnston- Inserted some all American classic adventure cinema into the series. He also showed the world how good an actor Chris Evans was.

So who's your choice?

Mine is Robert Downey Jr. IMHO it was his irresistible charm that sucked audiences into the MCU. He is electric and magnetic on the big screen. You can have a lot of great ideas, but it takes actual talent to execute them. I just don't think Marvel can thank him enough. He's worth every penny of the $50 Million they paid him for The Avengers.

This was hard for me because Whedon, Feige, and Favreau all deserve a lot of credit (and so do the others to a lesser extent) but RDJ is the man! Your thoughts?


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