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Default Re: Non-Cap characters/cameos you'd like to see in Captain America 2

I voted Hawkeye, Fury, Pym, T'Challa and AIM.

Fury for the obvious reasons.
Hawkeye in a role comparable to Black Widow in Iron Man 2.
Pym just as a background scientist with SHIELD to introduce him into the MCU. Maybe have him work on his new armor or something, similar to Howard Stark in CA:TFA.
Have AIM linked to HYDRA in some way.
T'Challa, like Pym, just to introduce him in the universe. Maybe have AIM/HYDRA going after more Vibranium in Wakanda that was never found, just as a background story to link Iron Man 3, CA:TWS and Thor:TDW together somehow.

Fury and Hawkeye would have large roles.
AIM would have a decent sized role, involved with the Winter Soldier.
Pym and T'Challa would have minor roles.

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