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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by catintheengine View Post
I think you guys really hit the nail on the head. In a way, The Avengers served as a double-edged sword. Yes, we got a fantastic movie out of the deal, but in a way fans now expect all their favorite characters to be in the next Avengers picture.

It's not only unrealistic, but it would be detrimental to the film as a whole to cram that many characters into one movie.

Dr. Strange IS a complex character that certainly deserves his own movie. I've said it before: I really think GotG is going to be Marvel's way of testing the waters on a non-Avengers flick. They may have a connection through Thanos, but I wouldn't want both teams appearing in the same movie. It's just too much and no character would be done justice in a movie like that unless the running time was somewhere around five to seven hours.

I'd much rather have a fantastic set of movies than have a sub-par movie that manages to get all my favorite characters in. If you want a bunch of half-developed characters running around and blowing stuff up go rent G.I. Joe.

Yes, the MCU should be interconnected, but that doesn't/shouldn't mean that all those characters should be in the same battle or even the same movie.

To give an example from a completely different genre and medium: In the early 90's there were three sit-coms on NBC that took place in the same universe: Mad About You, Seinfeld, and Friends. They established this by interconnecting Friends and Mad About You through a minor character who happened to appear in both shows. They connected Seinfeld and Mad About You through having a main character from one meet a main character from the other in one episode. That was it.

There's really no reason for Dr. Strange to be in The Avengers at all beyond, maybe, a mention or a cameo. Save that spot on the roster for characters that were integral to The Avengers and vice versa, i.e. Ant-Man and Wasp.
Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Thankfully Marvel gets that, and they're willing to keep certain corners separate. Keep War Machine, Winter Soldier, most of the Guardians, Thor's merry friends, and eventually people like Dr Strange out of it. It helps make the universe feel bigger, anyway.

I'm fine with people like Pym, Panther, or Carol being added to the roster. And I definitely want Warlock in whichever Avengers movie features Thanos. But start stuffing everyone in there and they're not really "Avengers" movies anymore
Both of you hit it right on the money, I agree with your points 100%.

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