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Default Re: Dc Direct Arkham asylum/ Arkham city figures Discussion

Entertainment Earth has a pre-order for $59.99.

I think it's a great figure, but I'm sorta staying away from variants as I have Arkham Asylum Joker already and buy a lot, so the price is a turn off. Here's some food for thought though. I went to a comic shop yesterday that luckily had Scarecrow, Catwoman, Hush, Zsasz, Poison Ivy, Legacy Harley Quinn. Since I was coming from about 45 minutes away the guy was super cool and gave me all for $15 each. I later went to another shop and got Riddler for $20. He said that dealers get invoiced for $25 on the deluxe figures and would do a Mr. Freeze for $35. I'm on the fence with Croc though as the arms break and even his employee mentioned the same thing. I would honestly say if you have a comic shop near you, see if they can do a pre-order for you and come down on the price a bit. So I would think dealers are paying $30-$35 for Titan Joker. Even $45-$50 is a bit steep for that though. If he doesn't have accessories, the guys from China on Ebay will prob have him for $30ish. I've bought stuff that way if they don't have accessories and if you open your figs, they're not knock offs. They're definitely overstock or slight seconds of some sort. Or stolen by workers haha.

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