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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Would the Sentinels be metal, as that would easily make them so vulnerable to Magneto? Wouldn't whoever made them try to avoid using metal?

I recently saw that 90s cartoon episode where the Sentinels were made of a ceramic or plastic substance. They attacked Magneto on a ship and he used the metal of the ship as his weapon, like firing rivets through them.

I also like to theorise that the Magneto helmet from First Class wasn't metal in its original design, and that's why Erik didn't/couldn't directly lift it off Shaw in the submarine battle. It's worth noting that in the comics, the mutant Fantomex uses a mask made of ceramics (not metal) to block telepathy. Maybe Fassbender's Magneto puts a metal coating on to the helmet for the new redesign in the final scenes of First Class, so he can take it on and off using his powers....
I'd rather them be metal. Even though they're metal, doesn't mean he can control all of them against him. I imagine it would go down similar to this, ending with them eventually outnumbering and overpowering Magneto:

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