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Default Re: X-Men:Days of future Past Speculation

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I like your suggestion, except I don't understand this part... Can you explain that again?
I think he was referring to the after credit scene for X3, where we see Moira MacTaggart's (previously mentioned) coma patient awaken and speak to her in Charle's voice

it being the body of his twin brother, was never really mentioned, but has since been speculated at, give his resemblance to Patrick Stewart (I believe it actually was him in the scene) an that he still had the same voice (tho, that could've been him speaking telepathically)

it was suggested that it could be a possible reference to his twin sister in the comics, Cassandra Nova... but instead be his brother, an was born brain dead, comatose or something, but, that his body was kept alive all these years (in hope of one day being able to save him or something, I guess)

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