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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
Multiple nuclear missiles are one thing, but Sentinels that are ganging up on you and constantly attacking are much more difficult because you are constantly trying to defend yourself. Remember, this was before he lifted the GG bridge and the X-Jet as well. Even then, the GG bridge and the X-jet incidents might be swept away or changed with this "Days of Future Past" storyline.
But, still, in First Class he lifted a moving submarine from beneath the ocean and held back nuclear missiles. That is immense power.

If he can hold back an onslaught of nuclear missiles, he sure as hell can hold back an onslaught of Sentinels.

And what looked like a sonic attack in that clip feels a little too reminiscent of Banshee and takes away the uniqueness of Banshee's power, in my view.

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