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Default Re: Top 5 Things You Want from Captain America 2!

1. HYDRA in the 21st Century - We saw alot of HYDRA in the WWII era, but let's see what the next gen HYDRA looks like, how it operates after such an epic beatdown in WWII, and how it plays out for the future of the MCU.

2. Baron Zemo - This is a must. He is Cap's ultimate foe, he must at the very least be introduced. IM3 is bringing Mandarin, Thor got his Loki and Hulk got plenty of General Ross. It's time for Cap to get his biggest enemy.

3. Way more shield action - TFA had some very awesome action scenes in the Howling Commandos montage, as well as the final assault on Red Skull's assembly plant. There needs to be much more of this.

4. Steve Roger's return to prime form - Showing Steve Rogers a bit out of step and not as effective in The Avengers made sense. He had just been thawed, his muscles had atrophy from 70 years on ice, and he was still getting used to his surroundings. Now it's time for Epic Cap to return.

5. Less Love-in, more face smashing - The emotional storyline from TFA made sense, but it's been 70 years, Peggy is gone. It's time for Cap to focus and get back to what he does best, which is smashing face. Less distraction, more action.

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