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Default Re: Non-Cap characters/cameos you'd like to see in Captain America 2

I think it is important to introduce AIM to the MCU.

Traditionally, this foe would have gone to Iron Man, but, Iron Man's slate is full with the Mandarin in IM3, and there is no guarentee we would see an Iron Man 4, and I can't imagine Avengers 2 using a whole movie just for AIM / M.O.D.O.K.

So that leaves Cap 2 and Ant-Man as likely sources for AIM.

But, because HYDRA is more of a concern for Cap, perhaps there would only be a cameo or brief scene involving AIM, while Ant-Man might be able to do the heavy lifting (no pun intended) on bringing AIM to the MCU.

Cap teases AIM, Ant-Man fleshes it out.

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