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Default Re: Do you think Scott Lang should be saved for an Ant-Man sequel?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
Maybe hank has a whole team, Janet Van Dyne, Scott Lang, and Bill Foster too. So that Pym not only has Janet, but a group of friends and supporting cast. Then in later films they become bigger characters. Just like Rhodey in Iron Man 1 and 2 and then 3. Scott becomes the next Ant Man, and Bill becomes the next Goliath/Giant Man.
This makes some sense. I think we like seeing our heroes have a bunch of friends. Makes them likable.

Stark, Rhodey, Pepper, Happy, J.A.R.V.I.S.
Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three
Captain America, Bucky, and the rest of the Howling Commandos

Originally Posted by Joss Whedon
Yeah [Coulson]ís dead. The entire television series is just a fever dream. Itís a Jacobís Ladder moment heís having at the point of death...
= Jeremy Piven for Bullseye? A thousand times yes. =
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