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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I think, depending on the success of Man of Steel, WB may hold onto Batman before making a decision on the next movie. I could see them saving him as a sort of fail-safe for the Justice League movie. If MoS flops, we'll probably see a new solo Batman film. If MoS is a massive success, we'll probably see a new solo Batman film. But if MoS hits that general mark of about $250 million in the US and about $200 million overseas, we'll see a Justice League film with the marketing heavily relying on the first appearance of the new Batman.

My reasoning is this; If WB sees MoS flop, they'll think to themselves "Well, no one is interested in Superman. Scrap Justice League and let's focus solely on Batman instead."

If MoS is a monster success, they'll think "Damn, people can't get enough of these solo superhero DC films. We gotta get another Batman out there before the audience cools off on them."

But if MoS hits that mildly successful safe zone, they'll probably think "well, people are nuts for ensemble comic movies because of Avengers, and we do have the Justice League license. The problem is that people don't care too much for Superman movies, but maybe he'll work better in a Justice League movie. And even if the audience doesn't care for him, we'll have Batman that will definitely bring crowds in. If all else fails, we can make him the main character."

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