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Default Re: Dc Direct Arkham asylum/ Arkham city figures Discussion

Originally Posted by Tyguyhunt007 View Post
I was actually curious about all of these sellers on EBay that sell these figures for 10-12 bucks and ship from Asia. Are these reliable sources/figures?
I have bought figures from these sellers. I have Mad Hatter coming. He was $13.00 with free shipping. They're legit. They are either stolen from the factory or the slightest of seconds as I haven't found anything wrong with figures I have bought from these types of sellers. They could even be extras that didn't get packaged. It's like when I printing press gets an order for 20,000 restaurant menus. They print 22,000 to have extra in case of slight errors. They never come with accessories, but Mad Hatter does come with his hat. I only buy the figures that don't come with accessories in their packages. You can get Harley Quinn, but no baseball bat.

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