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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

I both hope and think:

* There will be no origin, but flashbacks of his parents' death.

* A style that resembles BTAS and the Arkham games much more. It shouldn't be lighter at all, it should be grim dark and mysterious but in a way that differs alot from Nolan's films.

* Not being afraid to use Joker again in this new series. Heath Ledger was awesome in every way. But I still missed some characteristics that I love in Mark Hamill's Joker that I want to see on the big screen. More crazy, more maniacal laughs, more grim events etc. Joker isn't perfected yet to me. I don't think the people behind these new films should think too much about respecting Ledger's work. You can show respect while having your own version as well. He is Batman's arch enemy, you HAVE to use him at some point.

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