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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

i honestly dont care much for ledgers pedestrian interpretation. i want something for akin to what nicholson did with the role. wild, over the top, the joker gadgets and clown-inspired crimes like in the comics the crazy outfits, etc. i want THAT joker back, not the nolan-ized one with the greasy hair, painted on makeup etc. that was fine i suppose for a "different" movie version, but it was just too wildly different for me. but the comics version is the best, and i have yet to see anyone beat nicholson in that regard. im hopeing if there is ever a another joker, they will be more like the comics, the clean cut look. until then, nicholson is and always probably will be #1 in my book. but i doubt we will see another joker for some time.

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