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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Nah, it definitely escaped the curse. It did what all third movies in these kinds of series should be striving for, but rarely reach...

It was darker, bleaker and raised the stakes to an unprecedented level. It took the series yet again into different genres. Yet, it concluded the hero's journey on a hopeful note, and gave a great resolution to all the characters and themes that were explored over the three films.

It's everything a third film should be. It didn't escape the curse in that it was a clearcut better film than the last two, because people are always going to have opinions about which was the best of the 3 (another sign of a great trilogy) escaped the obvious creative exhaustion and inability to raise the stakes from the second movie in an effective way that a lot of third movies suffer from. If anything, TDKR is almost too robust and too ripe with thematic and story ideas to contain everything in one film, but that's still a victory over the factors that have always contributed to "the curse". And the film still essentially pulled it off IMO.

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