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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

I know Volume 1 came out in '08' but I missed it then and wanted to talk about it now that I've heard it. It was amazing listening to the scores seperate from the episodes. It also brought me back to watching the show for the first time or anytime when I was kid. Like I'm sure it did for most that grew up with this show. You don't hear music like this these days for Batman let alone other superheroes. Walker and Co. really captured the attitude and essence of the show as well as creating a variety of different tones and musical flavors for each episode. It never felt like it ran out of ideas or if the Batman theme was running on fumes. Each score is very creative and captures the heart & core of each episode perfectly,imo. It also captured the essence of Batman in general. It does what Zimmer and co. failed to do with TDK trilogy scores and that's tell a story.

"It's Never Too Late" had me in tears with a few tracks b/c of Stromwell being saved by his friend from being hit by a train. As well as the material with his ill son being in the hospital b/c of using Stromwell's own drugs that were being put out on the streets. And when his friend who saved Stromwell from the train returns (now a priest) to have Stromwell leave his wicked ways. I found the music from this episode the most emotional on this volume. The music especially from this episode is what Batman needs none of that MV/RC sound design nonsense that we get today.

"Birds of a Feather" is a very operatic score that had me thinking of Burton's BR and Fleischer's Superman cartoons just like the episode itself. "Two-face Part 1" was a very haunting score. It really nailed the troubled psychology of Harvey Dent/ Two-face. The theme is even creepy at times. You can't help but feel bad for Harvey b/c of the path he will eventually take. It gives Harvey a sense of doom and that he was destined to be Two-Face. I even feel worse for Bruce/Batman when hearing that theme b/c he can't (eventhough he tries to) save his best friend from corruption and a life of crime no matter how hard he tries.

"Two face Part 2" was a very operatic and emotional score. I love the operatic music with Batman on his batcycle. The track "The Great Equalizer" is very dramatic and has this climatic feel. Like it's Batman's last chance to save Dent from the path he's headed in. it also gives hope that Dent will overcome his split personality. I can go on and on. I can't say enough about how well written and thought out these scores are. Walker and her team's music is just a stroke of genius, imo. I can't wait to listen to volume 2. That has a lot of goodies i've been wanting to hear seperate from the show for many years.

Another thing I kind of wish they put every track from every episode (on the V1 album) on it b/c "The Last Laugh" missed the track where Bruce pulls an April Fools joke on Alfred at the end.

"Pretty Poison" missed the track where Dent was taken to the the hospital after being poisoned. As well as the track when Bruce was telling an unconcious Harvey to "fight it". And when Isley tried to kiss Wayne and he has a flashback of her kissing Dent at the Rose Cafe.

I wish "Christmas with the Joker" added the saxophone music (of "Tidings of Comfort and Joy") the homeless guy was playing as Batman and Robin were patrolling. They just cut that iece out in the middle of the track. They also missed the part where Joker went to a commercial break as Batman and Robin were fighting against those observatory cannons. It also missed the short piece that was playing at the end of "It's A Wonderful life" just before Grayson asked Bruce what he thought of the movie.

"Two Face part 1" missed the music where Gordon and Dent approach a police raid against Thorne's men in some building at the beginning of the ep. As well as the short piece that played when Candice (sp?) was eavesdropping on Harvey's therapy session. I don't know if it had the music where Dent almost attacked Bruce at an event when Dent finds out that Thorne's men were cut loose. "Two Face part 2" I think missed the music where Two face was looking out of his car window at Grace's apartment and then pulls back up his window.

"Vendetta" episode missed the music that was playing at the end after Bullock tells the press and every criminal on the news "that Bullock's back and ready to kick butt" and Batman smiles as Walker's Batman theme plays triumphantly in the background. It's a shame that piece didn't make it. I can't recall if any other episodes were missing any tracks. Though those tracks were missing I'm still thankful for LLLR for releasing any music period from this amazing show.

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