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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

I also forgot to mention the music during this scene

was missing on the "Vendetta" score of B:TAS V1 2CD. (just in case the picture gets deleted I'm talking about the scene where batman interrogates Thorne about "Spider" Conway's kidnapping.)

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Nope, don't agree with that. Zimmer's score tells a great story. I think it's better than Elfman's, too. Much better.
To me Zimmer's Bat scores have been mostly about mood and atmosphere. It hardly tells a story, imo. Let alone a "great" story. It only sets the mood of the film that it's dark, bleak, and depressing, but not much else. I can already tell that by just looking at the cinamatography and footage of TDK trilogy that they're dark and depressing movies. No need for Zimmer and co. to bang us in the head with it over and over. His TDKR score was very distracting in a few scenes even the quiter moments b/c of how loud the mixing was. On top of that it feels more like an MV/RCP score (which sounds like tons of action blockbuster scores in the past 17+ years) than a batman score. At the end of the day the scores are mostly sound design that only succeeds at setting the mood. Those scores don't tell much of a story to me.

If I want to hear Batscores that tell great stories I listen to Elfman's, Walker's and Co., and Goldenthal. I'll listen to Zimmer's bat scores if I'm in the mood for trailer music and his predictable action and drama scoring methods with his simplistic ostinato approach.

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