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Default Re: 16 Things to Look for in Upcoming "Avengers" films...

Originally Posted by catintheengine View Post
I have to say that I agree that I don't think we'll be seeing Wolverine in any Marvel films any time soon. Silvermoth makes a great point too: He does tend to take over the limelight. Even more than that, though, I just don't see Fox playing ball on a cross-over like that.

However, the fact that Marvel and Sony TRIED to work out a deal to show Oscorp in the background for Avengers is promising. I know a LOT of people are saying we won't ever see Spider-Man in the Marvel movies, but the fact that the studios were at least trying to work out a deal says volumes. In the long-run, it would be a smart move for both companies.

And I know that there are characters that people would much rather see that are already owned by Marvel, but I can't help but think that it would be pretty awesome to see some sort of cameo by Spider-Man during Avengers, delivering some sort of quip to a character before swinging off, or just something the background that you only see for a second (like King Kong being on the Empire State Building in the background of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow).

Barring that (and perhaps an even better idea) would be a passing line between two characters acknowledging Spider-Man. Something like:

TONY: You're looking to expand the roster?
FURY: Yes.
TONY: What about this guy in New York? I hear he can swing from a web-
FURY: He can.
TONY: So he does whatever a spider can? Then why not him?
FURY: Because he's a kid. He's too young. Of course, he doesn't know we know that. Hell, he doesn't even know we exist.

Just a little dialogue exchange as a nod to the character and, maybe, for the next film they will work out the rights to show Oscorp in the background shots a little quicker.
This franchise needs to stick to the original characters.

Plus a few. Spiderman is known as spiderman. Wolverine is known as Wolverine, and as a member of the XMEN.

Neither of these characters should EVER appear in an avengers movie, as a member of the team. The avengers are getting popular for who they are, and what they are known for.

Putting Wolverine and Spiderman in these movies (who are already among the two BIGGEST marvel heroes) will completely take away from The Avengers being the avengers.

More than likely, neither of them will appear in the avengers. They simply are not avengers, not what comes to mind first. It NEEDS to stay this way.

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