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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Originally Posted by theman View Post
i just hope they dispense with the "ultra realism" that has plagued the new films and made them very unenjoyable for me. i was never able to get into the nolan movies because of this which i consider one of the huge flaws of the recent series. im glad its over now, but i hope the next series "reboot" goes the more comic book route and possibly do what tim burton did, a nice even blend of realism and comic book kookiness that one expects from a comic book movie, not a law and order wannabe.
The judicial system was a fundamental element to Nolan's trilogy, yes, but it should have always been a fundamental element anyways to set up Harvey Dent who is the District Attorney. And there had to be some set up beforehand in BB to use Dent in a later installment with DA Finch and what have you.

The next reboot should definitely low the tone of the "ultra realism", sure, but I don't see how something necessary makes Nolan's trilogy feel like some law and order wannabe.

Originally Posted by theman View Post
yes, pretty much. and CSI too. i just couldnt get into them. i had a friend once that said "the dark knight is the best CSI episode that never was". thats pretty much how i feel about the whole thing. i want a return to the comic book style and bring the fun back to the series. the marvel movies seem to be doing a good job of blending realism and comic book silliness, why cant they do the same with batman? make the movies true blockbusters again, not this heavy handed pretentious stuff.
When did Batman check semen during TDK?

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