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Default Re: 16 Things to Look for in Upcoming "Avengers" films...

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
This franchise needs to stick to the original characters.

Plus a few. Spiderman is known as spiderman. Wolverine is known as Wolverine, and as a member of the XMEN.

Neither of these characters should EVER appear in an avengers movie, as a member of the team. The avengers are getting popular for who they are, and what they are known for.

Putting Wolverine and Spiderman in these movies (who are already among the two BIGGEST marvel heroes) will completely take away from The Avengers being the avengers.

More than likely, neither of them will appear in the avengers. They simply are not avengers, not what comes to mind first. It NEEDS to stay this way.
For the record, I'd be perfectly content with them keeping it just the way it is. All I'm saying is that the fact that there was paperwork going between the companies about the inclusion of Oscorp in the background, so that may mean that the wheels are turning regardless.

I agree that neither should appear as part of the team, but cross-promotion could be a smart move for both Sony and Marvel.

I agree that Wolverine will most likely never appear. I just don't see Fox wanting anything to do with a deal like that, especially after Marvel refused to grant them an extension on the Daredevil rights.

Will Spider-Man appear? Most likely not. Doesn't mean there won't still be an inclusion of Oscorp in the background on the next movie. From what I've read, my understanding is that the deal WAS worked out, but that there simply wasn't enough time left for the CGI artists to put the building in.

I know a lot of posters here are of the opinion that those of us that think Spider-Man may be included (or, more appropriately, may be acknowledged) in a future Avengers film are being "delusional". However, the fact that the above mentioned dealings between Sony and Marvel were even taking place would say otherwise.

Let's not forget that Marvel really broke new ground by even attempting something as epic as The Avengers - tying in franchises over a four year period and then having that culminate in a HUGE cross-over movie. Cross-promoting with another studio really wouldn't be that big of a step.

It's also logical for both companies to be interested. Sony has debuted their new "revamped" Spider-Man and surely wouldn't mind dipping their toes into Marvel's pool of success if it helps promote the next Spider-Man picture. Marvel, I imagine, has plenty of reason to play nice with Sony as well, if it gives them a bit of creative freedom with a character that isn't really under their control.

So I agree that Spider-Man appearing in an Avengers film probably won't/shouldn't happen (though I still maintain that the dialogue exchange mentioned earlier would be interesting) - but that doesn't mean Oscorp won't. And if Marvel and Sony can work together cohesively, it could open up doors down the road for a possible non-Avengers cross-over (i.e. now that Marvel is getting the rights back for Daredevil, that might be something they'd be interested in.)

Now, having said all that: There's a distinct possibility that Sony was only interested in lending Marvel the Oscorp building as a promotion since Spider-Man was still a few months from re-launching and now that that is done, there may be less interest within the company.

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