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Default Re: TDKR News - NO Discussion

DC Entertainment Plans for John Blake?

Well, that didn’t take long. It looks like DC Entertainment is prepared to capitalize on the success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises film and the buzz surrounding Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Detective Robin John Blake.

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[Didio on John Blake] The character appeared to be an amalgam of all of Batman’s Robins: Dick Grayson’s courage and skill (Nightwing), Jason Todd’s passion (Red Hood), Tim Drake’s detectice skills (Red Robin), and Damian Wayne’s impulsiveness (Robin).

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has teased on his facebook page that the character will pop up in DC Comics on a “mission“.

Will it be a digital comic first continuatuon of The Dark Knight Rises continuity a la Smallville Season 11? Followed by print version?

Or will the character make his debut in the DC Comics Relaunch’s New 52? Stay tuned.

No official word yet on a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises or a reboot of the movie franchise.
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